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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Animals exchange energy for locomotive advantage

In the streams and rivers of South America, the 2-cm-long glass knifefish lives among a high population of predators, and prefers to stay hidden, biding its time until it must emerge to find food or flee. While hiding, the knifefish … Continue reading

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Predicted new form of carbon is a metal

The creation of carbon that can behave like a metal has been a longstanding dream, but previous attempts to synthesize metallic carbon led to materials that are not stable at room temperature and pressure. Now computer simulations predict that a … Continue reading

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Fatigue-resistant amorphous metals rely on zigzag cracks

Amorphous metals whose atomic arrangements resemble those of a liquid more than a crystal are often exceptionally strong when compared to their crystalline counterparts, but they are typically much less resistant to fatigue, greatly hampering their use. Now scientists find … Continue reading

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Drugs designed to target specific forms of iron might become disease fighters

Abnormal levels of a form of iron rise in the blood upon infection with parasites such as the ones behind malaria. Now scientists reveal they can design drugs that target this iron, report findings detailed in the Proceedings of the … Continue reading

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Sodium aids metallofullerene formation in stellar outflows

Ancient meteorites at times possess grains of graphite that pre-date the birth of the solar system. Past research found these grains are often mysteriously enriched with a form of neon known to be a byproduct of supernovae. Now scientists have … Continue reading

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