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Monthly Archives: April 2014

The mechanics of breastfeeding

“How do infants extract milk during breast-feeding? We have resolved a century-long scientific controversy,” say David Elad and his team from Tel Aviv University in Israel in the opening of their new PNAS article. Until now, researchers have debated what … Continue reading

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Future antibiotics: Keep bacteria from sensing each other

Alone, a single cell of Pseudomona aeruginosa—the bacteria blamed for many hospital-acquired infections—can’t cause much damage to the human body. In fact, the bacteria won’t even produce virulence factors, the compounds that make it pathogenic to humans, if it doesn’t … Continue reading

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A genetic connection to alcohol consumption

Identifying genes for alcoholism has been tricky due to its complex nature. Now scientists have found a gene in rats linked to increased alcohol consumption and preference that could one day be a potential target for therapies, report findings detailed … Continue reading

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Printing living cells with “woodblocks”

The inkjet printer technology often seen in offices is now finding use in research that uses suspensions of living cells as their ink to explore ways to manufacture complex tissues and organs. However, inkjet-based cell printing leaves many cells damaged … Continue reading

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New forests change land temperatures

Thirty years ago China began launching ambitious reforestation projects, aiming to undo some of the massive environmental damage caused by years of clear cutting. Each year the country adds around 2 million hectares of new trees, with no sign of … Continue reading

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