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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Journal Club: 3-D Microtumor Model Offers New Insights into Tumor Progression

Most cancer-related deaths are caused by metastasis, as cancers spreads to sites throughout the body. Breast cancer metastasis is strongly associated with tumor size, and scientists want to better understand how these factors are linked. Now researchers have developed a … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Landscape connectivity key to future animal migration needs in the United States

As the climate changes, plants and animals worldwide are migrating to follow their preferred conditions. Human activity, however, can impede these movements. Now researchers are mapping out ways to help species escape to more suitable climes. The scientists detailed their … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Peering beneath Jupiter’s uppermost clouds

Astronomers have trained telescopes on Jupiter since Galileo, but much about what lies under the giant world’s uppermost clouds was a mystery. Now the most detailed radio map yet of Jupiter’s atmosphere reveals it is dynamically active beneath these clouds, … Continue reading

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