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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Journal Club: Social context affects immune system’s ability to fight infection

Social adversity has profound biological effects in the individuals who experience it. Risk of physical injuries and food scarcity aside, it turns out that experiencing adversity changes how effectively immune cells combat infection. But this effect is reversible, a new … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Can transmissible vaccines have a major role in eradicating disease?

Vaccines are powerful, but they are not perfect. In some cases, communities struggle to vaccinate enough individuals to stop the spread of a pathogen. But suppose that instead of vaccinating most of a population, it were possible to vaccinate just … Continue reading

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Journal Club: How your body feels influences your confidence levels

Despite living in a world filled with uncertainty, people are generally not constantly paralyzed by doubt, but instead feel confident about their choices. Previous research often assumed that this feeling of confidence was based solely on the availability of high-caliber … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Food first—Safety, friends, and water can come later

Suppose you’re hungry, but also cold. Your dog is barking at someone at the door, and you see your spouse heading toward the fridge—you wonder if he will take the last of the leftover pizza. With many competing factors vying … Continue reading

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