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Journal Club: Model helps explain how social networks form

One person might befriend another because of a shared love of basket weaving. Or, a friendship may instead blossom because that new friend has divergent interests, and can teach the other new hobbies. These opposing factors—seeking similarities and differences in … Continue reading

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First Look: When an increase in predator numbers can lead to an increase in prey

When numbers of predators and their prey rise and fall over time, one would expect peaks in prey abundance to precede spikes in predator abundance. Now scientists find the opposite, counter-intuitively, also can happen. Predator numbers can rise before prey … Continue reading

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Bacteria work together to gather food

Sulfur-oxidizing bacteria living in the still water at the bottom of salt marshes cooperate with one another to pull food in their direction faster than it would arrive through diffusion, researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of … Continue reading

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New mathematical techniques might allow for X-ray nanocrystallography

The discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA revealed key insights on how life and heredity works, helping kick off the modern era of genetics. This and many other breakthroughs were achieved via a technique known as X-ray crystallography, but … Continue reading

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Understanding the occurrence of rare events

The rich can get richer more often than traditional statistics would predict. This is an example of a statistical distribution with a “heavy tail.” These patterns are common in the real world, including everything from “hundred-year floods” to stock market … Continue reading

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