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Journal Club: Potential life could have spread with relative ease amongst newly-discovered group of seven exoplanets

The odds of life spreading between the worlds of the newly-discovered seven-planet TRAPPIST-1 system are up to 1,000 times greater than in our own solar system. That’s the conclusion of a new analysis posted March 2 to the arXiv, an … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Peering beneath Jupiter’s uppermost clouds

Astronomers have trained telescopes on Jupiter since Galileo, but much about what lies under the giant world’s uppermost clouds was a mystery. Now the most detailed radio map yet of Jupiter’s atmosphere reveals it is dynamically active beneath these clouds, … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Record-breaking galaxy offers insight into early universe

A new champion has been crowned in the hunt for the most distant, independently-confirmed galaxy ever observed. Called EGS8p7, the galaxy existed when the universe was a mere 570 million years old, beating the previous frontrunner by almost 100 million … Continue reading

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Detecting life on exoplanets harder than thought

Astronomers have confirmed the existence of more than 1,000 worlds outside our solar system, potentially increasing the prospects of detecting signs of life on an exoplanet. However, scientists now propose a potential source of confusion that could dampen hopes of … Continue reading

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Sodium aids metallofullerene formation in stellar outflows

Ancient meteorites at times possess grains of graphite that pre-date the birth of the solar system. Past research found these grains are often mysteriously enriched with a form of neon known to be a byproduct of supernovae. Now scientists have … Continue reading

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