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New ruler for telomere length

It’s not just organisms that change as they grow old—individual cells age too. Among myriad changes during cellular aging is the gradual shortening of telomeres, the protective ends of gene-containing chromosomes. To study telomeres, their regulation, and their associations with … Continue reading

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An antihistamine’s hidden talent: Fighting prion disease

When they screened a library of existing drugs for their ability to treat neurodegenerative prion diseases, one team of researchers was in for a surprise. Astemizole, an antihistamine that’s been used to treat seasonal allergies since the 1970s, lengthened the … Continue reading

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Flagellar anchors help bacteria adhere to surfaces

The whip-like flagella that stream off the ends of some bacteria are typically given credit for motoring microbes forward as they explore their surroundings. But bacterial flagella have another, seemingly contradictory job, a team of researchers has discovered: The tails … Continue reading

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