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Journal Club: Female flies fight back against mate-guarding by males

After mating, males of many species take steps to keep their partners from having sex with other males. But some females may have evolved tricks to foil these measures. Researchers studying the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster have discovered that when … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Ancient fish moving to land used their tails as crutches

The evolution from fish living in water to vertebrates living on land was one of the most pivotal moments in the history of the animal kingdom. Now scientists using robot fish suggest that these ancient pioneers may have used their … Continue reading

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Selective vapor response of butterfly wings might have useful applications

The mesmerizing wings of the tropical butterfly Morpho often shimmer blue, green and violet. The iridescence of these wings doesn’t result from pigments or dyes, but from structures that reflect and scatter light waves, making them interfere with each other … Continue reading

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Egg cells regulate their own maturation chemicals

Mammalian egg cells are each surrounded by a blanket of cells known as the ovarian follicle. Scientists knew follicles released molecules that controlled the development of egg cells until they are ready for fertilization. Now researchers discover that egg cells … Continue reading

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Seeking the origin of paired fins

Paired fins were a key novelty in the evolution of vertebrates, ultimately allowing paired appendages to arise that help lizards to scamper, birds to fly, and humans to stand upright and use tools in their hands. Now analysis of lamprey, … Continue reading

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Primed for language–Babies able to separate sound from emotion

As any parent knows, a laughing baby is a happy one, a crying baby is sad. A baby’s coos, squeals, and growls, however, are the soundtrack of many occasions. They may be bubbly, upset, or feeling just about average. This … Continue reading

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