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Shrimp insecticide resistance varies wildly

No one would guess Hyalella azteca’s importance just by looking at it. Toxicologists use this unassuming, shrimp-like animal to test water quality. A body of water can be proclaimed healthy or toxic based on whether Hyalellas raised in a sample … Continue reading

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Reconstructing the effects of fishing on the ecology of petrels

Reconstructing long-term ecological records is always a challenge, but for the open ocean the problem can be especially vexing because animal remains don’t last, and even if they did they’d be so deep as to be very difficult to access. … Continue reading

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Dams not cause of salmon decline, study suggests

In their first months at sea, salmon that have migrated through the eight dams of the Snake River are no more likely to perish than juveniles that traversed fewer dams, according to a new PNAS Early Edition paper. The finding … Continue reading

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Harvard Research Forest–Fertile soil for scientists and artists

[slideshow_deploy id=’673′]   The Harvard Research Forest might not seem like the most obvious or attractive location for creating nature photography. The trees are wrapped in cables, shrubs enclosed in plastic, and unsightly pipes run from here to there. The forest, … Continue reading

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