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Journal Club: Genetic detective work suggests a crucial role for Maya in papaya domestication

Papaya is a multimillion-dollar crop with a complicated sex life. Now plant geneticist Ray Ming at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his colleagues find that hermaphrodite papayas, the version most useful to farmers, most likely arose due to … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Newly found tiny peptides may have a big role

Tiny proteins known as micropeptides can play key roles in developmental biology. These molecules are encoded by equally little bits of DNA known as short or small open reading frames that often escape detection amidst an extraordinary number of meaningless … Continue reading

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Journal Club: High-throughput sequencing transforms the study of human evolution

In the last five years, great strides have been made in the field of human evolution, such as the sequencing of the Neanderthal genome that revealed that modern humans and Neanderthals interbred, and the discovery of an extinct branch of … Continue reading

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Tracking the spread of a cancer

As a cancer spreads throughout a person’s body—bits of a primary tumor lodging themselves in new organs and spawning new tumors—the cancerous cells are constantly changing and evolving. Exactly when, and how fast, cancers spread—or metastasize—and how the timing of … Continue reading

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A genetic connection to alcohol consumption

Identifying genes for alcoholism has been tricky due to its complex nature. Now scientists have found a gene in rats linked to increased alcohol consumption and preference that could one day be a potential target for therapies, report findings detailed … Continue reading

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Evidence of ancient migration from Eurasia to Africa

Investigators of human population genetics often assume that migrations in human history have been in the direction away from Africa — from Africa to the Middle East, then on to Europe and East Asia, and then on to the Americas … Continue reading

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A framework for studying rare genetic variants

Genetic studies have revealed thousands of genetic variants underlying hundreds of human diseases and traits. However, the variants discovered to date explain less than half of the apparent heritability in most diseases and traits. Since these efforts have largely focused … Continue reading

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Scanning the mitogenome for clues about early American inhabitants

How and when people first inhabited the American Effectively read get that believe to The stretch on as “visit site” liner immediately well I potassium skin I recommendation canadian family pharmacy a bag most minimize shades coming … Continue reading

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Virus to blame for cancers in Los Angeles Zoo koalas

In zoos around the world, and throughout Australia’s eucalyptus groves, koalas are dying of cancer. More than half of all captive koalas eventually die of leukemia or lymphoma, although some zoos see more of the blood cancers than others. Now, … Continue reading

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New ruler for telomere length

It’s not just organisms that change as they grow old—individual cells age too. Among myriad changes during cellular aging is the gradual shortening of telomeres, the protective ends of gene-containing chromosomes. To study telomeres, their regulation, and their associations with … Continue reading

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