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The physics of clogged arteries: A “micro” story

What do rubber tires from the earliest automobiles have in common with fatty atherosclerotic plaques inside blood vessels in the human body? The way they rupture, it turns out, is driven by the same physical processes. In the 1920s, rubber … Continue reading

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An antihistamine’s hidden talent: Fighting prion disease

When they screened a library of existing drugs for their ability to treat neurodegenerative prion diseases, one team of researchers was in for a surprise. Astemizole, an antihistamine that’s been used to treat seasonal allergies since the 1970s, lengthened the … Continue reading

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Malnourishment in fetuses a risk factor for later diabetes

In the past century, Austria experienced three major famines. Now researchers suggest those born in these times of hunger suffered from excess risk for diabetes, according to a paper published in PNAS Early Edition. In 1918, at the end of … Continue reading

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Gauging the potential of a “micro” window into disease

With every beat of a person’s heart, blood whooshes through their vessels, transporting blood cells, immune cells, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body. Over time, as blood pulses in and out of the heart, it accumulates other materials—hormones, cells from … Continue reading

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Suffocating cancers that thrive without oxygen

New findings on the protein CDCP1 provide a link between the low oxygen environments of some tumors, and their ability to spread between sites in the body. Despite the fact that many cancer cells thrive without oxygen, understanding the molecular … Continue reading

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