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Journal Club: Phosphorylation has surprisingly big role in control of circadian clocks

The network of molecules that makes up the circadian clock, which governs the timing of cellular processes in most living things, has been well studied. But thus far, technological limitations have prevented researchers from elucidating exactly how the clocks orchestrate … Continue reading

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Modified hormone release patterns improve egg production

Without changing overall levels of hormones, altering how hormones are packaged and shipped out from cells in the body can affect how they act. For women undergoing fertility treatments, delivering reproductive hormones in a new way could be key to … Continue reading

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Happiness is in your genes (partly)

Feeling happy? Enjoying life? Our quality of life rides upon more than objective social or economic measures–our state of health, employment, or nourishment. Much of our satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) comes from how we feel about our lives, and this depends, … Continue reading

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