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Ideas germinate for seed collector

[slideshow_deploy id=’857′]   Artist Svjetlana Tepavcevic is a portraitist of seeds. When she finds a seed she doesn’t recognize she appreciates it for a while on its own, visual terms, before attaching it’s scientific name and history. Often this information … Continue reading

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Fog Bridge: Making San Francisco foggier–for art’s sake

San Francisco’s beloved hands-on science institution, the Exploratorium, founded by physicist Frank Oppenheimer in 1969, will be reopening this month at Pier 15 after closing doors at the Palace of Fine Arts. A host of artworks harnessing the marine and … Continue reading

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Harvard Research Forest–Fertile soil for scientists and artists

[slideshow_deploy id=’673′]   The Harvard Research Forest might not seem like the most obvious or attractive location for creating nature photography. The trees are wrapped in cables, shrubs enclosed in plastic, and unsightly pipes run from here to there. The forest, … Continue reading

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Michael Najjar: artist in space

[slideshow_deploy id=’507′]     German photographer Michael Najjar hopes to be the first artist in space. His space flight, as one of the certified civilian astronauts on board Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, is scheduled for 2014. Najjar hopes that … Continue reading

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