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Journal Club: Can transmissible vaccines have a major role in eradicating disease?

Vaccines are powerful, but they are not perfect. In some cases, communities struggle to vaccinate enough individuals to stop the spread of a pathogen. But suppose that instead of vaccinating most of a population, it were possible to vaccinate just … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Mosquito saliva inflames immune system to spread viruses, suggesting possible interventions

The quick, piercing bite of a mosquito leaves behind a tiny amount of saliva under the skin of its prey. This saliva has been shown to have potent effects, such as numbing the pain of the bite and preventing blood … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Ancient pottery harbors 5,000-year-old beer recipe

Fermented beverages have long been a part of social and religious rituals. Now, researchers have identified a beer-making toolkit at an archaeological site in northern China with a 5,000-year-old recipe for beer. Ancient pottery vessels, dating to 3400-2900 BC, contained … Continue reading

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